Tickets for September 5 are on the road

Fresh (and sweaty) off her appearance in the Battle Day Parade, Bear — a.k.a. “Don’t Care Bear” — of the Southshire Roller Derby stopped in to Fiddlehead at Four Corners to drop off 25 tickets for the September 5 matches at Riley Rink in Manchester Gold Town. Fiddlehead is the only place on Main Street selling tickets to the doubleheader, men at 5, women at 7, doors open at 4.

Bear is head coach of the Battle Cats as well as a blocker and relief jammer when need be. I asked her to finish this sentence: “People should buy tickets and go watch the matches because _______ .”

“Because we’re the most epic thing to happen to Bennington in recent years … And because they don’t know it but they want to skate with us and once they see it they will realize that.”

The last matches at Riley Rink were _______ .

“Beyond,” she said after thinking several seconds for the right word. “Beyond expectation … beyond our wildest dreams.”

5 bucks a ticket gets you 2 matches, access to the beer garden and food court and a whole lot of family fun. See you at Fiddlehead.