Friendship Snake

Roller derby friendship snake
All skater levels worked together today to get low while skating. Here we’re learning how to do the Friendship Snake

Southshire Roller Derby is continuing to grow in numbers, with new skaters joining every month, as well as in strength and skill through regular practice and training.

Our training levels are as follows:

Fresh Meat: Brand new skaters who are learning skating skills and derby applications of skating skills.

Level 1: Having met minimum skills assessments, these skaters work on learning basic contact skills – with teammates (friendlies) and opponents (enemies) – while continuing to work on general skating skills.

Level 2: Having learned how to engage with teammates and opponents safely and effectively, built up strength and skate skills, and mastered basic game concepts, Level 2 skaters begin to scrimmage to apply their skills to game play.

Level 3: These skaters have mastered the WFTDA minimum skills and are placed on teams for competition.

This week, five of our skaters passed their Level 1 assessments are are considered Level 1 Skaters. Congratulations to Meggie, Michelle, Rikki, Susan, and Terry! They’re joining Donna, Megan, and Renee in contact training. With Bitches and Bear, we now have enough contact-eligible skaters to make two whole packs!