Featured Skater – Socially Awkward

Soc high fives the fans at our home opener

Socially Awkward . . .  is a little bit awkward, it’s true. She occasionally gets annoyed with our dancing and over the top shenanigans off the track. It’s actually proving to be a little tough to find good pictures for this article, because she avoids the camera whenever possible.

However, while her name may suggest her awkwardness off the track, there is nothing awkward about her ninja-like blocking skills and strategic mindset on the track!

Aside from being a total badass on the track, Soc (as we fondly refer to her) is our Safety Coordinator. She makes sure we have all our ducks in a row with our paperwork and insurance as well as making sure we have all the right equipment for whatever injury may happen on or off the track.

Can you guess which of these MVPs is Socially Awkward?


“Soc (pronounced sew-sh) is the strong silent type both on and off the track. She’s a steady, stable blocker that I hear her teammates say “Wow, I really work well in a wall when Soc is with me.” Soc travels as an NSO and has a lot of experience as a scorekeeper. It’s pretty evident in her game that she’s spent that kind of time studying the game from the sidelines in her jammer awareness on the track. Off the track, Soc seems to know everyone who is anyone in Manchester. This has been really great for our fundraising and after party. Plus, she’s got this dark, dry sense of humor that makes me laugh with my whole belly <3” – Bitches Bruze

“I love skating with Soc! Her sense of humor is unique, her perspective is refreshing, and she has the meanest plow stop this side of the Mississippi! Plus, she is the master of the inside line.” –Tedy Bruisey

“Socially Awkward is a very sweet, kind and helpful person.” –Marlana.

“The first thing that comes to mind is her sense of humor. She cracks me up. The second thing is courage. Soc left Derby for a few weeks and struggled to get back in the game. We all know how hard it can be when you stop doing something to get your motivation back. Not only did she come back she came back stronger then when she left. The third thing is she has a good heart.” –Mother of Anarchy

“Never has a skater more embodied a derby name! But in spite of clearly feeling “awkward” in gatherings (ONE DAY I WILL SEE HER DANCE!), she manages to bring everyone together, on the track and off, in small nuanced ways. Her insight into strategy has been invaluable! It is an honor to share the track with her.” –Don’t Care Bear

“Whether I’m blocking alongside her or on the track jamming, I know Soc has my back.”  – Wanda Lust

“Soc came out of her comfort zone to do derby and has inspired so many people to leave their comfort zones and try something new. Her strengths show in her dedication and she is always willing to reach out to someone who is struggling and give them support and guidance. She is definitely an integral part and an asset to a great team.” – Marilyn Uh Oh

Soc and Bitches Bruze discuss strategy

“She’s usually got a great pun when you need it most and she’s always got your back on the track. She’s super tough to move and has the most killer plow stop! I’m super grateful she’s on my team because I’d hate to skate against her!” – Damn Yell

“I love that Soc knows her strengths and uses them to her advantage on the track. I bet she’s secretly a great dancer but the world will never know, thanks to her strict NO DANCING policy.” –Roxy Slaughter

“She lets me push her…into other people! Best job ever! Looking forward to our season together.” –Dazey Girl