WFTDA and Safety

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) is the governing body and a membership organization for women’s flat track derby. As a new league, Southshire Roller Derby is not ready for membership in that organization.

However, the WFTDA performs two very significant functions for new leagues which Southshire Roller Derby benefits from.

1) They are the creators of the most widely played ruleset of flat track roller derby.

When the WFTDA formed from the early players of flat track roller derby in 2005, one of the big things they did for the sport, was create an agreed upon rule set and a process for adjusting and improving that rule set for better game play, action, strategy, and safety.

At the time of this writing, the modern flat track roller derby rule set is less than a decade old, but it has been through many renditions. Changes go through a complicated process of proposals, beta testing, and voting by member leagues and invited organizations (such as the Men’s Roller Derby Association).

With the rule set come a number of other documents such as best officiating practices and minimum skills requirements.

Southshire Roller Derby benefits from such a wealth of tried and true athletic information and trains to the minimum skills in order to create skaters who can be competitive, improve their bodies, and reduce injury.

2) They are one of the few organizations offering group insurance for flat track derby skaters of all genders and affiliations.

Beginning in 2013, the WFTDA began to allow non-member leagues to purchase individual and league insurance through their organization. Their insurance has been available to member leagues for many years and to MRDA for a couple years. So even though the name begins with a W, it’s available to all leagues who have their members join and follow their safety protocols.

Having their safety protocols to follow has been a valuable tool for Southshire Roller Derby as we get our new practice space ready for practice.

Members will also be required to have either WFTDA insurance or similar to participate and regional competitions and training events.

2014 is the year of derby here in Bennington County. Looking forward to getting our friends and neighbors on skates and bringing some great competition to southern Vermont!

Mass Maelstrom practice in Lancaster, Massachusetts
Mass Maelstrom practice in Lancaster, Massachusetts