Thank you, Shires of Vermont

A message from the President

It’s been two weeks now and the roar of the crowd that welcomed and cheered us at Riley Rink still has not quieted in my head. You have all helped us set the tone for the future of roller derby here in Bennington County and our neighboring communities. In our short18 months we’ve assembled a fun league that can compete regionally with a bright, bright future ahead of us.

And you, our community, are helping to light the way!

There are a lot of people to thank. The three places we primarily skate are responsible for us existing at all. With a dearth of public, indoor spaces that will allow us, we have managed to have space to practice and play. For our regular practices, we owe a debt bigger than rent payments to Vermont Mills Properties for getting us a space we could afford and working with us as we have grown. For our summer, outdoor practices, we are so very grateful to the Town of Pownal for the ability to use the tennis courts to skate. At this location we’re able to lay down a full track and really get into the strategy and space of the game. Finally, Riley Rink at Hunter Park, you have provided us one of the most gorgeous roller derby venues in the world. Not only do our fans love it, but you’re a bit of a buzz in the derby community too!

Our home season was able to be Fancy as F*ck because of a long list of generous sponsors who were willing to hitch their wagon to our idea without actually having ever seen derby before. We are so thankful! You enabled us to print programs with game explanations and to compensate our referees and officials so that we might continue to have excellent officiating at our games both in July and in the future.

  • Bacon Painters LLC
  • Barber Pond Studios
  • Clarks Quality Foods
  • Firefly
  • Gordon Group
  • Green Mountain Pharmacy
  • Green Mountain Veterinary Hospital
  • Gringo Jacks
  • Joe Gouveia Builder
  • Joy All Things Underthings
  • Kristen McCormick
  • Lil Brittain
  • Loomis Auto Exchange
  • Lynn and Chuck
  • Mance Engineering Partners
  • Momma Bear Cares
  • Mother Myricks
  • Pine Rock
  • Pink Boot Farm Store
  • Ramuntos
  • Raz A Tat Tattoo
  • Robyn Baker
  • Sapling Naturals
  • ServPro of Bennington and Rutland Counties
  • T & A Tool
  • Timeless Memories
  • Zippy Chicks

Thank you to the folks from Second Chance Animal Shelter and the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. We’re so honored to be able to profile such fantastic organizations in our community.

So many people WROTE about us. I can’t possibly individually thank everyone who shared our posts on social media. But many thanks to Joey Kulkin at Fiddlehead, the Bennington Banner, the Manchester Journal, the Deerfield Valley News, and the Rutland Herald! So much support for us – it was AWE-MAZING!

Our after party was off the hook with the hospitality of Sue and her staff at the Firefly. We needed the nourishment of that delicious buffet and the cold beverages to wind down after such a huge event.

To all my Southshire ladies and gents – thank you for believing in the promise of derby and sticking it out all those long hard practices, for being so excited about our sport and our league, and for sharing that enthusiasm with your family and friends. You’ve been injured, amazed, sore, pumped, traveled so far to other practices and events, and soaked up everything our sport has to offer in such a short time. We’re a big family that is growing so well and it’s clear that together we have built a legacy for roller sports in our area long into the future.

I’d like to thank my Board of Directors. You have really strengthened our communications and kept us fiscally responsible so our money went the right places and we were able to invest when we needed to. You’ve made it easy to lead this thing that is going full speed ahead.

Personally, I’d like to thank my husband, Mark Moore, for putting up with all the hours he continues to not see me even though I’m finally playing derby close to home and investing in the basic needs of the league for getting it off the ground. Don’t Care Bear, you’ve been by my side this whole time, keeping me sane, standing by me even when I make mistakes, and most importantly, saying “yes” when I asked if you’d help me get this thing off the ground at home. Thank you for your personal and athletic leadership.

When the fourth whistle blows, I can thank you all – our fans – for embodying all our joy and energy. Southshire Roller Derby and our travel team, the Battle Cats, are so happy you’ve found us. We’re looking forward to many great years together here in Bennington County. Hope to see you all back at Riley Rink September 5 and 26th!

Amy Jo “Bitches Bruze” Moore
President, Southshire Roller Derby Inc.