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Featured Skater – Mother of Anarchy

Mother of Anarchy getting ready for her first bout

Mother of Anarchy joined Southshire Roller Derby at the very beginning, with the goal of playing in a bout before she turned 60.  On April 18, at our first bout against Hartford Area Roller Derby’s Bedrockers she accomplished that goal.  MOA (as we like to call her) is a ball of energy and an inspiration to us all.

“She’s an inspiration! From the very first Southshire Roller Derby meeting, she has been determined and supportive. She’s got a zest for life that is contagious.” – Dazey Girl

MOA is ready for the jammer

“MOA is a great asset to the team! She is kind and caring and always willing to jump in and try new things, she is a real inspiration. I would love to be like her when I grow up!” –Marilyn Uh Oh

“She has incredible energy and focus, and some rockin’ dance moves! I love skating with her and am so happy to be her teammate.” – Tedy Bruisey


She’s tough!

“I love skating with MoA. She always has my back and isn’t afraid to steer me in the right direction.” – Wanda Lust

“It all started with an idea for her bucket list and she made it happen for herself and the rest of the team! Her tenacity is inspiring and her energy is infectious! She is welcoming, helpful and “Motherly” when needed too. Mother of Anarchy is a name that suits her. She takes us all at face value and makes us all a family! So much respect for her!!!” – Socially Awkward

“She never fails to have a smile on her face and a push (or a hit!) when you need it most. She’s one bad ass Mother!” – Damn Yell