Naming Rights

Naming Rights

These are a special category for sponsors who want big exposure. Your company’s name will be mentioned along with the game element you sponsor everywhere it is mentioned. For example, in our 2015 season our announcers talked about the  Zippy Chicks Penalty Box and the Joy Jammer Line.

But it doesn’t stop there! Roller Derby is steeped in the social media tradition and when we share photographs and videos of the event, your name will continue to be mentioned in regards to the game element. Your sponsored game element will be featured on our web site. There can be 0 to unlimited time outs in a game and we cannot guarantee them, but they are likely to occur on average 3 times per period and their presence signals a break in the action bringing even more attention to your company. We will also have a kids area where, depending on staffing available, will have face painting, poster making, puzzle sheets, and other activities.

Naming rights include:
-Penalty Box
-Jammer Line
-Time Outs

Pricing is $150 per event
$375 for 3 event season


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