Last minute discount tickets


by Joey Kulkin – Bennington Bulletin

Southshire Roller Derby Alert!

Salem, which means Peace, and Katie just came to Fiddlehead at Four Corners and bought 4 tickets to tonight’s doubleheader at Riley Rink in Manchester Gold Town.

Salem’s from Charlotte North Cackalackey, and Katie from Hinesburg up in the guts of Vermont pastureland. She graduated CVU in 2009.

“None of us has been to the roller derby,” Salem said, “and I’ve always wanted to go.”

“Do you like rollerskating?” I asked.

“Actually, I’m terrified of anything that moves beneath my feet.”

Salem and Katie came to Bennington a year ago for their service to AmeriCorps. Both of them love Blue Benn, and in Katie’s case the raspberry jam chocolate chip pancakes. She wants to work in state government and focus on environmental protections. Salem wants to be a family doctor.

Tickets are 5 bucks each and get you 2 games (men at 5, women at 7) and access to Riley Rink’s beer garden. You can get your tickets at Fiddlehead till about 4:30 o’clock. After that you’ll have to get them at Riley Rink for 8 bucks a pop — so come to Fiddlehead to save a few bucks that can be used toward your first beer.