Southshire Roller Derby is Excited to add junior roller derby to what we offer here in Bennington County!

Junior Roller Derby is open to young people of all genders from ages 6 through 17 and is divided into skill and age brackets.

Level 0 (Beginners): These youth are non-contact, non-scrimmaging. Most of them have never been on skates before. Our coaches will provide training in athleticism, skate skills, working with other youth.

Level 1 (Positional play only / non-contact): While learning the game these skaters block without intended contact.  We emphasize positional blocking; this focuses on stance, awareness, and teamwork without overwhelming the skater.

Level 2 (Pushing, leaning, no hitting): Minimal contact, more learning of strategy of the game, playing using pushing and leaning, and learning how to hit safely.

Level 3 (Full contact): WFTDA standard play, with very minor modifications to the rule set. Continuing strong emphasis on strategy and game play.

Skaters are divided into two age groups: 6 through 11 and 12 through 17. Skaters in the 6 through 11 age group work on skill levels 0 through 2 while the 12 through 17 age group will work on all levels.

Coaches for Junior Derby are experienced players and officials who are members of Southshire Roller Derby.

There are several different pay options including season or monthly as well as discounts for family members.

All skaters are required to have health insurance as well as purchase the WFTDI supplemental insurance annually ($45) in addition to any monthly, season, or gear rental fees.

Documents for Junior Derby

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