Helmet Covers by Derby Skinz

Rikki and Renee model our roller derby new helmet covers by Derby Skinz.
Rikki and Renee model our new helmet covers.

We ordered sparkly spandex helmet covers from Derby Skinz and here Rikki and Renee are modeling them. In the 2015 season, you can probably expect to see these two wearing these same covers in our games.

For people new to derby, these covers stretch over a skater’s normal protective helmet. The covers are reversible which is important because, in the heat of the moment, if you put it on “inside out” so that the stripe or star were not visible, you would not be the position you thought you were. We spent a little extra money on that, but it will be worth it.

The skater who wears the helmet cover with the star is called the jammer. She’s the point scorer on the track. She scores by passing opponents – one point for each opponent she passes during scoring passes.

The skater wearing the striped helmet cover is the pivot. She can become the jammer if the jammer passes the jammer helmet cover to her during a jam. Blockers, who do not wear helmet covers, are not able to take the jammer cover. Passing the jammer cover is called a “Star Pass”.

We’re always looking for new skaters to learn how to take the star! It could be you. Men and women 18 and over are welcome to join our adult league and train as either competing skaters (full contact) or referees (who do not engage in contact intentionally). No prior skating experience required.