First Fresh Meet Orientation – February 6

Bitches Bruze and Will Jettison square off - photo by Lynn Graves
Bitches Bruze and Will Jettison square off – photo by Lynn Graves

It’s really going to happen! We’ve been talking with the wonderful folks at Vermont Mill Properties on Benmont Avenue and with a little help from Jon Goodrich, we are looking at options for practice space!

This is a great opportunity for us as a roller derby league as well as creating a healthy space here in Bennington with options for athletic improvement. Our neighbors are Off the Wall Fitness and there are many other classes being held in the Mill which offer exercise and self-improvement.

In order to be ready to start practicing, we need skaters! We are recruiting women AND men to start practicing. No skating experience required. We’ll teach you not only how to skate, but how to skate for roller derby. We have some loaner gear available so you can see what a practice is like before investing in your own quad skates and protective gear although we HIGHLY recommend you purchase a mouth guard before coming to a practice.

Please join us at CCV – 324 Main Street, Bennington, VT – Thursday, February 6th at 7pm where we’ll go over the basics of roller derby, what you can expect from practices, dues, insurance, gear, competition, and answer all your questions. At the meeting you’ll get to meet derby veterans Don’t Care Bear, Will Jettison, and Bitches Bruze, co-founders of Southshire Roller Derby.

If you’re on Facebook, please RSVP to this event. Even if you cannot attend, if you have friends who might be interested, please share and invite.

We look forward to meeting you!