Featured Skater – Dazey Girl

Dazey gets lead jammer

There are three words to describe Dazey Girl – go, go, GO! Her energy and competitive spirit make her a perfect jammer on the track and a great asset to the team off the track too.

Dazey is our volunteer coordinator,  a position she is great at.  If you volunteer for us this season (please consider volunteering!) you will be in good hands.

“Dazey introduced herself at our very first meeting as a “professional volunteer.” Her community service has been invaluable to the league ever since then. She brings that same energy of helping her team to the track where she loves to be the jammer (the point scorer) and juke around on skates. Dazey’s athleticism really makes a difference for our team. She’s just the right amount of “get it done” and badassery mixed with fun and curiosity.” – Bitches Bruze

Pre-bout stretching

“She has so much energy and team spirit, always willing to help another member improve their skills. She doesn’t let anything stop her. When she is on the jammer line get the hell out of her way! Happy to be her teammate and friend.” -Mother of Anarchy

“I secretly think she’s the Energizer Bunny in disguise because she just keeps going and going and going.” -Damn Yell

“Dazey is a remarkable woman!
She has a beautiful family that she is raising with the help of her husband, joined a roller derby team but also had a career change and went to college to do so. She is an inspiration to not only her children but other women. Never settle for less than what you want. I am grateful to know this fine lady and am amazed at what she contributes to the team. Her drive, self esteem and energy are just what I need to keep going.Dazey reaches high and gets stars!”-Marilyn Uh Oh

Dazey and her supportive husband

“Her ability to reach out to the community and get them engaged and excited about what roller derby is all about blows me away.” -Wanda Lust

“The first word that comes to mind when I think about Dazey Girl is: Tenacious. I am proud to call her a teammate.” -Socially Awkward

“She loves the game of derby, and brings so much to the league by encouraging others and teaching them not to give up.” -R.I.P.ley Post-Mortem

Dazey wrangles some unruly volunteers at the Shires Marathon

“Just when I start to get jealous that Dazey is good at everything, she’ll do something to live up to her name, and it makes me love her even more.  She can really rock a pair of booty shorts too.” -Roxy Slaughter

“Everyone seems to have beat me to the punch on listing Dazey’s many awesome qualities!
So I’ll just add the anecdotal memory of her first practice up with ECDD, where she just threw herself into every drill, got knocked down and GOT BACK UP FOR MORE each time! And look where it got her! A first rate Battle Cat jammer!” -Don’t Care Bear