Attending your FIRST Southshire Roller Derby Event

Whenever we talk to someone new about roller derby in the Bennington area, we often hear people say how they used to watch it on television. The roller derby we play is still played on those same “old” quad skates (but there’s been some advancement in plate, wheel, boot, and cushion technology) and it’s still a full contact game on an oval-like track, but our track isn’t banked anymore.*

The playing area

Because we don’t play on a banked track, we can play our game on any flat, skateable surface that’s at least 108′ x 73′. As we travel around to play we’ll play on concrete, wood (skating rinks/gyms), and skate court.

You can find plenty of rules descriptions on YouTube and with Google. We’ll write a little rules primer soon for you.

Our home games are held at the Reynolds/Gilcrest Skating Rink in Hoosick Falls, NY. While our new home is in another state, it’s a lot closer to our home base in North Bennington, Vermont. It’s also closer for our adults and juniors who live and work in New York and Massachusetts than our old venue in Manchester.


Fans will get to sit around the track. We’ll have some VIP bleacher seating inside the rink along the track forour sponsors and anyone who wants to pay $10 at the event for seating. With our new venue, general admission is free, but fans are encouraged to bring their own seating to sit right on the rink at track level because there is no seating provided at the rink for general admission. Folding camp chairs are usually the most comfortable. You can also bring pillows or pads or nothing at all and sit or stand on the floor.

Fans using a variety of seating/standing and World Cup 2011
Fans using a variety of seating/standing and World Cup 2011
Cheering / Fandom

Cheering is always welcome! You can cheer on your favorite team or skater(s) with shouts, yells, screams, clapping, noise makers, posters, and more! Be creative. In fact, creativity is encouraged in roller derby. We’ll have some materials available to make posters if you forgot to bring your own. At some events, we hope to offer face and body paint.

Of course, our merchandise table will be well stocked with t-shirts, tank tops, and sweatshirts from the smallest to the biggest fan! Our colors are blue and gold and so are the colors for our guest men’s team – the Capital District Trauma Authority.

While all kinds of noise makers are welcome – cow bells and clappers are pretty popular – we cannot allow air horns or whistles.


Typically we open the doors to the public by 4:00 pm with the game starting at 5:00 pm.

Food & Beverage

Food will be available from vendors and from the kitchen in the vestibule. We will also be selling soda and water from the kitchen.

While the snack bar will serve beverage for anyone in your group, there will also be a beer (and wine) garden at the far end of the rink featuring brews from Hoosick Falls’ own Browns Brewing.T o keep our event family friendly, alcohol consumption may only occur in the beer garden. Viewing of the game is still possible in that area of the rink. Access to the beer garden is only available to patrons 21 and over with proper ID.


Attending a roller derby event is fun for the whole family. Since nearly everyone can enjoy roller skating, young children can sit and enjoy watching the hits and races that happen throughout the game.

Children really get into the fun and cheering of the game.
Children really get into the fun and cheering of the game.

We plan to have some children’s activities available thanks to the generosity of some of our area sponsors. Derby might not hold a young child’s attention for all the hours we play, but with some breaks it can be pretty fun.

We encourage parents who bring babies and toddlers to invest in ear protection. Ear protection isn’t a bad idea for anyone attending. There will be hundreds of fans and the referee whistles can be very loud, especially reflecting off concrete and metal.  Noise levels can be similar to a pops concert.

ear protection recommended for babies
Hearing protection is strongly advised, especially for our smallest fans.

Pets are welcome in the area outside the boards which will provide adequate viewing of the game.

*What happened to the Banked Track?

There’s a lot of modern history here, but in 2001, a group of women who had started a roller derby organization and were promised a banked track by a shady promoter decided to make do with what they had when the promoter skipped town. What they had were a bunch of rope lights and a skating rink.

The first flat track roller derby game - 2002 Austin, TX
The first flat track roller derby game – 2002 Austin, TX

Over time, and thanks to internet communications, groups around the United States developed a game and a track standard to be played on flat surfaces. This really opened up the possibility of having a game that didn’t require a tractor trailer to move the equipment from place to place.

It’s because of this latest revolution in the game that communities like Bennington can afford to have people play this sport and bring games to you.

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Flat track roller derby in Southern Vermont