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Southshire Election Results for 2019

A hearty THANK YOU to all of 2018’s Board Members, Coordinators and Coaches! And CONGRATULATIONS to all incoming 2019 replacements!!

Board Members

  • President: BB-SK8
  • Vice President: Anya Bum Bum
  • Treasurer: Ann vil Storm
  • Secretary: Dewey Decimatrix
  • Board Member at Large: Meggie


  • Volunteer: Holy Minoli
  • Sponsorship & Fundraising: BB-SK8
  • Safety: Dewey Decimatrix
  • Bout Production: Thunder Storm
  • Recruitment & Retention: Sage McKinley
  • Merchandise: Rhonda Wreckage
  • Marketing & Media: Shutter Storm
  • Officiating: Dewey Decimatrix
  • Juniors’ Business: Ann vil Storm & Thunder Storm


  • Battle Cats: R McGeddon
  • Juniors: Ann vil Storm