Advanced tickets to the July 11 game

Carrie buys a Ticket

By Joey Kulkin – Bennington Bulletin

And while Bennington does offer “stuff to do” there’s nothing wrong with hopping in the car and driving 2 towns over for a little action.

“I think people get stuck in Bennington,” Carrie said, “so they can’t imagine driving a half-hour to do something cool.”

She said that just now after buying another ticket to the July 11 Southshire Roller Derby games at Riley Rink in Manchester Gold Town. Fiddlehead at Four Corners is selling the tickets and 5 bucks gets you 2 games — men at 5, women at 7 — and access to Riley Rink’s beer garden. Ya ain’t gettin’ a better bargain, bubba. Carrie, who works in daycare, bought 2 tickets last week, and this one is for her other sister.

Yesterday, Sam and Varney from Bennington College (each class of ’17) came to Fiddlehead to buy tickets.

“This winter I went to Portland Oregon,” Varney said. “They have roller derby and I wanted to go but couldn’t. Now I have the opportunity — and there’s not much to do here.”

While in Portland as part of Bennington College Field Work Term & Career Development Office, Varney worked at Nike doing research on girls who do domestic work in developing countries i.e. sub-Sahara Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Sam — a writerly type from Black Earth Wisconsin — is going to watch the jammers because “I like women being tough. I know this librarian who’s really soft-spoken and then I found out she has a secret roller-derby alias.”

Support Southshire Roller Derby, yo! It’s good to get out of town every once in a while. Plus, it’s Manchester — you get a chance to see the gold town up close and personal. All those fancy new boutique hotels. All those fancy restaurants. All those outlets.

But hey, Bennington’s jamming too: Cumby’s moved 50 feet to the right!

In all seriousness, Spice Root — the Indian food eatery in Williamstown Mass — is rumored to be opening a location on Northside Drive in the near future.

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