New Skater Orientation

Flat track roller derby has been around since 2001 and roller derby itself since the 1930’s. Odds are if you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of roller derby, but beyond the idea that it probably involves roller skates and people running into each other or racing, you’re probably here because you don’t know much more.

So how do you find out more? Well, you could come to one of our practices! Our practices are always open for interested volunteers and skaters, but our practices are also focused on, well, practicing! You could search the internet, but there are a lot of teams at a lot of different levels and so much information.

Our members find that the easiest way to learn about roller derby here in Bennington County is to attend a New Skater Orientation. You might also hear us call new skaters “Fresh Meat.” Fresh Meat is what new skaters have been historically called, but we’re working on getting away from that. Orientation is where we tell you about our league, our history, our policy, our dreams and then tell you a bit about the game and derby in our area. Then we give adults a chance to try it out and start to teach some basic skills.

Orientation is not just for people interested in competing. As long as you’re at least 18 years of age, we have things you can do to be a part of our league. We also have a Junior program. Here’s a list of the people involved in our league:

  • adult women who want to learn how to skate and play derby as a competitor on a women’s team
  • adult men who want to learn how to skate and play derby as a competitor on a men’s team
  • adult men and women who want to learn how to skate and officiate derby (generally non-contact)
  • adult men and women who want to learn the production of the game and officiate off skates (scorekeepers, penalty trackers, timers, etc)
  • anyone interested in learning to fill other volunteer positions such as ticket sales, merchandise sales, announcing, and security at our home events.

Roller derby is a fast-paced, full contact sport played on roller skates. It is a strategically challenging sport because offense and defense are played simultaneously. We have the staff to train you and hope you’ll join us at a future New Skater Orientation to learn more.

Flat track roller derby in Southern Vermont