Southshire Roller Derby Inc. is a non-profit, Public Benefit organization with a mission to train individuals and teams in the skills required for roller derby competition in order to improve personal well-being and athleticism and to engage in local, regional, national, and international competition of roller sports.

Our bylaws have a secondary mission to engage in our local community aiding in the promotion and support of area non-profit organizations which advance the betterment of our community, the education of children, and the health and wellness of our citizens.

We take our bylaws seriously and even extend our engagement of our local community to choose to buy locally even if it isn’t about sport or non-profits.

2017 Board of Directors

Stacy Eddy-Gordon (aka Tigrr Killy) – President

Terry Downey (aka Socially Awkward) – Secretary

Sarah Ritchie-Crowther (aka Ann vil Storm) – Treasurer

Amy D. Moore (aka Bitches Bruze)  – Member at Large


You can contact our Board members through our general email southshirerollerderby@gmail.com

2017 League Coordinators

2016 Battle Cats Captains – Tedy Bruisey and Damn Yell

Bout Production – Socially Awkward

Coaching – Drag n Fly

Marketing – Roxy Slaughter

Merchandise – Jagged Little Jill

Officiating – Magic Mike

Recruiting / Retention – R. McGeddon

Safety – Ms. T Totaler

Sponsorship – Fallen From Grace

Volunteers – Holy Minoli

Juniors – Tigrr Killy, Magic Mike, Holy Minoli



Flat track roller derby in Southern Vermont