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Based in the Southshire (southern  Bennington county in Vermont), Southshire Roller Derby is finally bringing flat track roller derby to the area with years of coaching and leadership experience.

Founded December 2013 and incorporated as a non-profit in Vermont January 2014, Southshire Roller Derby is a new league with extremely experienced roller derby skaters and coaches at it’s helm.

Our mission as a Public Benefit non-profit is to train individuals and teams in the skills required for roller derby competition in order to improve personal well-being and athleticism and to engage in local, regional, national, and international competition of roller sports.

At this time we have open enrollment which means you may start at any practice with any level of skill. There are no try outs, because we do not yet have enough trained skaters to have teams. By joining, you can help change that! There are plenty of new and established teams in the region to compete with as soon as our skaters are ready for interleague competition.

We use Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) as our insurance provider and abide by their safety protocols for our training and practice space.

Our practices are held at our own dedicated space on Water Street in historic North Bennington, Vermont. If you are an experienced visiting skater, we have a painted concrete floor.

A short Background of Southshire Roller Derby

Amy “Bitches Bruze” Moore began playing derby in the summer of 2007 with the Albany All Stars because AASRD and Pioneer Valley Roller Derby (Northampton, MA) were the two closest leagues. She was generally curious when she went to observe an AASRD practice and after getting her skates and a couple practices, she was hooked! She co-founded the Hellions of Troy before transferring to Pioneer Valley in 2009 when her husband, Mark “Will Jettison” Moore decided he wanted to play too and PVRD had an established men’s team. Amy transferred to Keene’s Elm City Derby Damez in 2011. Mark transferred to Albany’s Capital District Trauma Authority. Liza “Don’t Care Bear” Goldberg relocated to the area in 2013 from New Jersey where she was a nationally ranked speed skater and for 7 years a well known derby skater, coach, and referee.

In 2007 a mention of roller derby here brought mostly confused looks in Bennington. But Amy’s no stranger to bringing new sports and leagues to town. In the 90’s and 00’s, she and Mark owned and operated Sue Z Cues and the BCA 8-ball leagues there. She teaches at the Community College of Vermont and every semester there’s been a student or two that has shown some interest, but not enough to cover rent for a practice space. After attending Liza’s company holiday party in 2013 and meeting several people who were clearly interested, the two started putting things into place and actively finding a practice space for a new league here. Which was found when Jon Goodrich of Vermont Mills Properties offered a generously reasonable space for the skaters on Benmont Ave. It was small, but affordable.

Nine people attended the first organizational meeting in February 2014 and practices commenced later in the month. That first year was spent getting a base of skaters up to speed on basic skills and game play. A women’s travel team was named, and the Battle Cats competed in their first interleague game April 2015 and hosted a tremendously successful 3 game home season with the Capital District Men’s Roller Derby league and Riley Rink in Manchester Center, Vermont.

2016 is bringing Junior Roller Derby (ages 6 through 17) to Southshire as it continues to work on it’s mission of bringing roller sports to southern Vermont.

 Where is “Southshire”?

Bennington County, located in the southwest corner of Vermont, is considered the Shires of Vermont. The Southshire is the southern portion of the county, while the northern towns are the Northshire. Our league represents skaters from all over Bennington County, even a skater from Rutland County, as well as neighboring New York and Massachusetts. To our south is Berkshire County in Massachusetts. We named our league after our region to be as inclusive as possible and to be a part of this great community.

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